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здравствуй    0.783247

твоих    0.779365

больше    0.770650

такой    0.770232

прекрасная    0.769028

которые    0.768652

милая    0.768552

моя_москва    0.767980

папа    0.766012

dorogoy    0.763526

Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for дорогая

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Eastern Slavic naming customs In Russian, adjectives before name are generally restricted to written forms of communication. Adjectives like "Любимый / Любимая" (lyubimiy / lyubimaya, "beloved") and "Милый / Милая" (miliy / milaya, "sweetheart") are informal, while "Уважаемый / Уважаемая" (uvazhayemiy / uvazhayemaya, literally "respected") is highly formal. Some adjectives, like "Дорогой / Дорогая" (dorogoy / dorogaya, "dear"), can be used in both formal and informal letters.
The Gift of the Magi The story has been adapted to films, "The Sacrifice" (1909), " Love's Surprises Are Futile" (1916), "The Gift of the Magi" (1917), a segment of "O. Henry's Full House" (1952), " The Gift of Love" (1978), "The Gift of the Magi" (1958), "" (Poland, 1972), "Christmas Eve on Sesame Street" (1978), "I'll not be a gangster, love" ("Не буду гангстером, дорогая"/"Nebūsiu gangsteriu, brangioji", USSR, 1978), "Mickey's Once Upon a Christmas" (1999), "The Gift of the Magi" (2004) and the short film for the Irish band The Script in 2010 called "For the First Time". "Love," another French movie, based some of its scenes on this story. "Raincoat" (2004), a Hindi film directed by Rituparno Ghosh is an adaptation of the story. The Greek film directed by Ismene Daskarolis (2014) places it in the economical crisis of Greece today. The Mexican film "Nosotros los pobres" includes this tale as a small sub-plot. There is also a Bulgarian adaptation known as the short film "Darovete na vlahvite" (2013) directed by Ivan Abadjiev.