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Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for ва

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Inva River The name of the river is formed from the Komi-Permyak words “инь” (woman) and “ва” (water), which can be translated as “female water”.
Alexander Sedyakin Радиоконтроль — Тачанка / [под общ. ред. Н. В. Огаркова]. — М. : Военное изд-во М-ва обороны СССР, 1980. — 693 с. — (Советская военная энциклопедия : [в 8 т.] ; 1976—1980, т. 7).
Permic languages Noun roots in the Permic languages are predominantly monosyllabic and invariable with the canonical shape (C)VC. CV roots, such as Udmurt ву /vu/, Komi ва /va/ "water", and (C)VCC roots, such as Udmurt урт /urt/, Komi орт /ort/ "soul", exist as well. In Udmurt, there are furthermore a number of bisyllabic roots, mostly of the shape (C)VCɨ.
Tajikistan State University of Law, Business, & Politics Tajikistan State University of Law, Business, & Politics - TSULBP (Original: Донишгоҳи Давлатии Ҳуқуқ, Бизнес, ва Сиёсати Тоҷикистон - ДДҲБСТ) is one of several state-funded, five-year universities of higher education in the region of Sughd in Tajikistan. Located in Khujand, the school offers bachelor's and master's degrees as well as post-graduate education.
Salimjon Aioubov After graduating Tajikistan State University, Salimjon Aioubov worked at different publishing houses in Dushanbe and Moscow. He was an editor of political and social department of a social weekly newspaper ("Адабиёт ва санъат") Literature and Art, deputy editor Haftganj "Ҳафтганҷ" and editor in chief of Charogi Ruz "Чароғи рӯз". Salimjon Aioubov is an author of six books, he is a recipient an award of Journalists Union of CIS in 1991.
Foreign fighters in the Syrian and Iraqi Civil Wars Katibat Tawhid wal Jihad (Тавҳид ва Жиҳод) (also called Jannat Oshiklari), led by Abu Saloh, participated in the 2015 Northwestern Syria offensive, the Al-Ghab offensive (July–August 2015), Battle of Aleppo (2012–present) the Siege of Al-Fu'ah-Kafarya (2015), and the seizure of the Qarmid military camp. It was a former part of Jabhat al-Nusra and is still an ally of the group.
Erzya language As in many other Uralic languages, Erzya has vowel harmony. Most roots contain either front vowels (/i/, /e/) or back vowels (/u/, /o/). In addition, all suffixes with mid vowels have two forms: the form to be used is determined by the final syllable of the stem. The low vowel (/a/), found in the comparative case -шка ("ška") "the size of" and the prolative -ка/-га/-ва ("ka/ga/va") "spatial multipoint used with verbs of motion as well as position" is a back vowel and not subject to vowel harmony.
Kurvingrad In 1933, researchers found in the Niš Fortress a above the door-stone inscription for Koprijan (Whoretown-Kurvingrad) city. Item is now in the collection of the exhibits of the National Museum in Niš. The question is from where the panel was coming from? Stone was located next to the other stones, as well as other unused building materials. It is believed that the stone was got here in one of the latest Ottoman invasion, before the fall of Serbian despot. Koprijan shared his fate with most other Serbian medieval towns, who were robbed, burned and destroyed, and then used for the construction of other Turkish military bases. Dimension of the stone were 114 cm and 123 cm in length scale. Carved out of the white oval stone. The upper side of the stone is flat and the width of 26 cm, and the lower side of the back wall is 26 cm. On the pillar in the four row (width 16 cm) was written on the Serbian Church Slavonic, Cyrillic alphabet with the same letters in the size of 3 cm, the following: "Аз Ненад, син казнаца Богдана, сазидах си град Копријан годо...ва дни благовернаго господина ми кнеза лазара ва лето…"