Top 10 similar words or synonyms for ɐi

tʰ_kʰ    0.903698

ɛu    0.891307

ɪː    0.885618

oe_ue    0.883396

tʃː    0.880629

dužnikom    0.876020

jeㄧㄝ    0.875862


jaㄧㄚ    0.874006

õõ    0.873397

Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for ɐi

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Cantonese Cantonese vowels tend to be traced further back to Middle Chinese back than their Mandarin analogues, such as M. /aɪ/ vs. C. /ɔːi/; M. /i/ vs. C. /ɐi/; M. /ɤ/ vs. C. /ɔː/; M. /ɑʊ/ vs. C. /ou/ etc. For consonants, some differences include M. /ɕ, tɕ, tɕʰ/ vs. C. /h, k, kʰ/; M. /ʐ/ vs. C. /j/; and a greater syllable coda diversity in Cantonese (such as syllables ending in "-t", "-p", or "-k").