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Ønskekonserten Ønskekonserten () is a radio program produced by the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK). It has been broadcast weekly since January 1950. The signature tune is "Entry March of the Boyars", composed by Johan Halvorsen. "Ønskekonserten" is regarded as the most popular radio program in Norway ever.
Lille Graah Anne Knudsdatter "Lille" Graah (22 January 1908 – 19 January 2001) was a Norwegian journalist, radio announcer and reporter. She worked for the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation for more than thirty years, and is particularly known from the popular radio program "Ønskekonserten".
Boyar Norwegian composer Johan Halvorsen wrote a march entitled "Bojarenes inntogsmarsj" ("Entry March of the Boyars"), known in Norway as the signal tune for the radio programme "Ønskekonserten". Edvard Grieg arranged it for solo piano. August Strindberg requests that this piece be played during his play "The Dance of Death, Part One".
Entry March of the Boyars The melody has been used as a signature tune for the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation's weekly radio program "Ønskekonserten" since its start in 1950. It is used as incidental music in the play by August Strindberg, "The Dance of Death", in which Edgar asks Alice to play it for him on the piano.
Reidar Bøe He was born in Bergen, and is known for his collaboration with Kurt Foss. He made his stage debut at Den nationale scene in 1939, and also participated in radio shows. Bøe and Foss made their record debut in 1947 with the song "Grønlandsvisa". The song "Blåveispiken", with lyrics by Arne Paasche Aasen, recorded in 1950 by Bøe and accomanied by Foss, sold more than 100,000 copies, and was frequently played in the radio show "Ønskekonserten" (listeners' choice).
Lille Graah From 1945 she worked for the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation, as a radio program announcer. Among her responsibilities was the program "Ønskekonserten", the most popular radio show in Norway ever. She worked for the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation for more than thirty years, from 1961 as a reporter for the local chapter Østlandssendingen. She founded the organization Norsk-Tsjekkoslovakisk Hjelpeforening in 1948, helping refugees after the Czechoslovak coup d'état of 1948.
Skomvær (barque) In 1960, "Skomvær" was given a new lease of life when Norwegian folk singer and television and radio presenter Erik Bye released his first studio album, "Vi går ombord". The sixth track on the album, "Skomværsvalsen" (), which was co-written with Bjarne Amdahl, became one of Bye's biggest hits and received heavy rotation on the NRK radio show Ønskekonserten. The track gained additional popularity from being featured on the annual NRK Christmas broadcast "Vi går ombord," where the song was performed by the Norwegian Seamen's Choir. The song was recorded as a tribute to "Skomvær" and her crew, with its well-known opening line "And the ship was named Skomvær in Porsgrunn city."