Top 10 similar words or synonyms for kidnapping

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Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for kidnapping

Article Example
مقاطعة كابيندا Thus, when in January 1975 Angola’s three liberation movements (MPLA, FNLA, and UNITA) signed the Alvor Agreement with the colonial power, to establish the modalities of the transition to independence, FLEC was not invited. Subsequently, and for much of the 1970s and 1980s, FLEC operated a low intensity, حرب عصابات, attacking Angolan government troops and economic targets or creating havoc by kidnapping foreign employees working in the province’s oil and construction businesses.
عمر المقداد في أواخر عام 2013 بدأ عمر المقداد بالعمل على أول أفلامه الوثائقية "The Islamic State Kidnapping Machine" ، والذي تناول فيه بحث شامل وتحقيق في عمليات الخطف الممنهجة للصحفيين الأجانب في سوريا من قبل اعضاء الدولة الاسلامية . وقد أخذه فيلمه في رحلة طويلة شاقة إلى عدة دول أوروبية كألمانيا والسويد والنمسا ومنها إلى تركيا وحتى الحدود السورية التركية للبحث والاستقصاء عن الصحفيين المختطفين وعمليات خطفهم وحيثياتها . وفي أثناء بحثه وعمله على فيلمه انتقل للعمل كمحقق صحفي مع شبكة البي بي سي العالمية بي بي سي، وتم إنتاج فيلمه من خلال البي بي سي وعرض على تلفزيونها في شهر مايو 2015 نص الصفحة.
مقاطعة كابيندا Consisting largely of tropical forest, Cabinda produces hardwoods, coffee, cocoa, crude rubber and palm oil. The product for which it is best known, however, is its oil. Conservative estimates are that Cabinda accounts for close to 60% of Angola’s oil production, estimated at approximately , and it is estimated that oil exports from the province are worth the equivalent of US$100,000 per annum for every Cabindan. Yet, it remains one of the poorest provinces in Angola. An agreement in 1996 between the national and provincial governments stipulated that 10% of Cabinda’s taxes on oil revenues should be given back to the province, but Cabindans often feel that these revenues are not benefiting the population as a whole, largely because of corruption. The private sector, particularly the صناعة نفطية, has both affected and been affected by the secessionist conflict. During the early days of Cabinda's struggle, the قائمة شركات البترول were perceived to be sympathetic to, if not supportive of, Cabinda’s self-determination cause. The strategy used by the separatists to gain international attention, was most evident in 1999 and 2000. During 1999, FLEC-R kidnapped four foreign workers (two Portuguese and two فرنسا citizens), but released them after several months, having failed to attract the attention of the international community. FLEC-FAC also increased its activities during 2000 with the more widely publicized kidnapping of three Portuguese workers employed by a construction company, while FLEC-R kidnapped another five Portuguese civilians. These hostages were not freed until June 2001, following the diplomatic intervention of the governments of الغابون and Congo Brazzaville.