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Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for gains

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الحروب الإسلامية البيزنطية After putting an end to the internal strife, باسيل الثاني launched a campaign against the Arabs in 995. The Byzantine civil wars had weakened the Empire's position in the east, and the gains of نقفور الثاني and يوحنا زيمسكي came close to being lost, with حلب besieged and Antioch under threat. Basil won several battles in سوريا, relieving Aleppo, taking over the Orontes valley, and raiding further south. Although he did not have the force to drive into Palestine and reclaim القدس, his victories did restore much of سوريا to the empire including the larger city of Antioch which was the seat of its eponymous Patriarch. No emperor since هرقل had been able to hold these lands for any length of time, and the Empire would retain them for the next 75 years. Piers Paul Read writes that by 1025, Byzantine land "stretched from the مسينة (مضيق) and the northern Adriatic in the west to the دانوب and القرم in the north, and to the cities of Melitine and الرها beyond the الفرات in the east."