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Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for mombo

Article Example
Mombo Dogon Until c. 2005 Ampari was considered a dialect. However, while Ampari understand Mombo, this appears to be because they visit the area yearly, and the Mombo cannot understand Ampari.
Mombo Airstrip Mombo Airstrip is an airstrip in northeastern Tanzania in the Korogwe District of the Tanga Region of Tanzania. It is west of the town, and near the Usambara Mountains.
Mombo Dogon Mombo Dogon is a Dogon language spoken in Mali. Helabo and Miambo are dialects.
Mombo, Tanzania Mombo is one of the 20 wards of the Korogwe District, Tanga Region, Tanzania.
Ampari Dogon The language has been called "Ejenge Dõ" or "Kolum So" in the literature. However, there are two Ejenge groups, the Mombo and the Ampari. The Ampari understand Mombo but not vice versa; this appears to be learned intelligibility, since the Ampari visit Mombo yearly.
Kimweri Mputa Magogo He left his traditional seat and went to live at Mombo.
Peter Allison He currently lives in Cape Town with his wife Pru, and their pet dog Mombo, where he works for Wilderness Safaris.
Lobster Man from Mars She manages to escape, but the Lobster Man follows. A wild chase ensues, but Professor Plocostomos uses the hot engine coolant from his overheated vehicle to drench Mombo causing his foamy demise. The chase concludes in Yellowstone Park where the dreaded Lobster Man is tricked into walking into the Old Faithful Geyser and a steamy end.
Dogon languages Blench noted that the plural suffix on nouns suggests that Budu is closest to Mombo, so it's been tentatively included as West Dogon above. He also notes that Walo–Kumbe is lexically similar to Naŋa; Hochstetler suspects it may be Naŋa. The similarities between these languages may be shared with Yanda. These are all extremely poorly known.
Reform (magazine) "Reform"'s interviewees include: Bafta award-winning broadcaster Robert Beckford, interfaith/justice campaigner Anjum Anwar MBE, novelist Marilynne Robinson, evangelist Gerard Kelly; MP Ann Widdecombe, scientist Andrew Parker, journalist/author Theo Hobson, US mega-church pastor Rob Bell, broadcasters John Humphrys and Jeremy Vine, and theologians John Polkinghorne and Esther Mombo.