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teach    0.751628

understand    0.734878

discover    0.704214

realize    0.662890

learned    0.650351

know    0.644466

find    0.640416

appreciate    0.629000

tell    0.627765

realise    0.626347

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LEARN LEARN may refer to:
Scikit-learn , scikit-learn is under active development.
Learn Local Learn Local organisations deliver education and training in community settings. They are independent and not-for-profit. There are 300 Learn Local organisations across regional, rural and metropolitan Victoria, Australia. Every year, over 54,000 Victorians undertake government subsidised education and training programs through government registered Learn Local organisations.
Learn (disambiguation) Learn may also refer to:
CBe-learn Along with the traditional High School program at Ernest Manning High School, CBe-learn moved to the new Ernest Manning Campus in fall 2011. In spring 2013, CBe-learn relocated all administrative and student support services to the Career and Technology Centre.
LEARN Program By applying to the LEARN program, applicants are telling LEARN that they want to fix their own hours, set their own salary, and make a difference in the community. The program assists these applicants by offering entrepreneurship training, business counseling, and technical assistance to help get their business off the ground.
Learn Local Local councils in Victoria are supporters and promoters of Learn Local organisations in their local communities. The City of Knox and the City of Greater Dandenong are two examples of local councils actively promoting Learn Local.
Learn Local Local council networks such as the Mornington Peninsula Network and the Casey Cardinia Learn Local Network are also supporters and promoters of Learn Local organisations in their respective municipalities. The Mornington Peninsula Network is an alliance of seven Learn Local organisations located across the Mornington Peninsula. Similarly, the Casey Cardinia Learn Local Network is a group of adult education organisations located across the South-East of Victoria. The Learn Local organisations within each network provide a range of accredited, pre-accredited, employment pathways and short courses.
LEARN Program The steps below outline the process for the LEARN program:
Scikit-learn The original codebase was later rewritten by other developers. Of the various scikits, scikit-learn as well as scikit-image were described as "well-maintained and popular" .