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burioni    0.783127

neirynck    0.765756

broliden    0.763376

torosantucci    0.758633

galmiche    0.757787

bendinelli    0.757537

biasiol    0.753723

savarino    0.753136

scarselli    0.752720

lanciotti    0.750458

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Church of the Holy Heart (Alcamo) In 1987 Vincenzo Settipani, an architect, substituted Li Santi, who had died; he designed the mosaics, the stained glasses, holy water stoups, Baptismal font, ambon and altar. They were realized by the firm Pierotti from Pietrasanta (in the province of Lucca) and by the mosaicist Fabriano Fabret; the artistic and huge wooden confessional was made by the firm Gaspare Ferrantelli.
Vito Cascioferro Back in Sicily, Cascioferro rose to the position of a local notable. He was the "capo elettore" (ward heeler) of Domenico De Michele Ferrantelli, the mayor of Burgio and member of Parliament for the district of Bivona, as well as on good terms with the Baron Inglese. He exercised influence over several Mafia "cosche" (clans) in the towns of Bisacquino, Burgio, Campofiorito, Chiusa Sclafani, Contessa Entellina, Corleone, and Villafranca Sicula, as well as some districts in the city of Palermo.
Vito Cascioferro Many accounts claim that Cascioferro personally killed Petrosino. Legend has it that Cascioferro excused himself from a dinner party among the high society at the home of his political patron De Michele Ferrantelli, took a carriage (that of his host according to some), and drove to Piazza Marina in Palermo's city centre. He and Petrosino engaged in a brief conversation, then Cascioferro killed Petrosino and returned to join the dinner again. Historical reconstructions have dismissed this version and cannot locate Cascioferro at the scene of the crime.