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Europaeum Charles University, Prague, joined in 2001, taking membership up to seven. The Europaeum was then ready to embark upon a period of innovation and play a fuller part in the changing European higher education area.
Europaeum With most targets of the Phase IV of ‘extension’ met, membership up to 10, consolidated research groups, developing scholarship schemes, a growing publications list, and a wider presence, this next phase promised much – and one of the goals demanded by the Academic Committee was higher visibility, always considered a two-edged sword.
Europaeum The Europaeum organises study bursaries - one to support an Oxford graduate to pursue a short study programme at the Graduate Institute, Geneva, and one to support a Graduate Institute student to study at Oxford. Appropriate programmes of study can include periods of specialist library or archive work; supervisions with desired tutors; taught programmes including specialist summer schools, or field work, including work with organisations based in and around Geneva or Oxford.
Europaeum The Europaeum Review, edited by the Secretary-General, was launched in 2001, serves as a forum for intellectual exchange, and increases the profile of the association.
Europaeum In 2003, Complutense University of Madrid joined the Europaeum. Helsinki University followed in 2004, and the Jagiellonian University, Kraków, in 2005, bringing the association to its target of 10 members.
Europaeum Following the death of Roy Jenkins, one of the founders of the Europaeum and former Chancellor of the University of Oxford, a memorial fund was set up to raise funds for European scholarships, and these have been directly linked to the Europaeum by the trustees. The first two awards were made in 2004, reflecting early fund-raising success, and from 2005 five or even six awards have been each year, four or five incoming to Oxford and one outgoing to other Europaeum partners. Some 50 gave been made to date. The scheme is now firmly seen as a key element of the Europaeum programme.
Europaeum A new joint academic programme was launched in 2012 by the Universities of Prague, Leiden and Paris, around the theme of European Politics and Society, aiming for about 20 graduates spending their second year of study on a two-year graduate prgramme, at a partner institution. The programme was named in tribute to the late President of the Czech Republic and important human rights activist Vaclav Havel.
Europaeum The Europaeum helped to spawn two independent centres: the Institute for the Advanced Study of European and Comparative Law (IECL) and the Centre for European Politics, Economics and Society (CEPES), which closed in 2003.
Europaeum The Secretary-General formally took up his part-time post in spring 2000, and immediately developed a Business Plan that would lay out clear objectives, update the mission, outline strategies for development, and structure, with a financial plan through to 2005. The Secretariat moved to its own premises in central Oxford, on the Banbury Road, leased from the Oxford Voltaire Foundation.
Europaeum Keynote speakers at Europaeum events during this period have included Tim Berners-Lee, Umberto Eco, Ralf Dahrendorf, Jacques Delors, Timothy Garton Ash, Sir Marrack Goulding, Avishai Margalit, David Marquand, Ben Okri, Chris Patten, Romano Prodi and Mary Robinson.