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theope    0.800213

calathus    0.797528

chioides    0.795005

saliana    0.794083

timochares    0.792659

phanus    0.787744

pyrrhogyra    0.787071

calycopis    0.786280

leucodonta    0.786179

Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for ebrietas

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Ebrietas Ebrietas is a genus of skippers in the family Hesperiidae found in the Neotropical ecoczone.
Iñigo Pírfano Iñigo published his first book in May 2012, "Ebrietas. El poder de la belleza"
Methe The Latin Ebrietas - female personification of drunkenness mentioned by Pliny - may be seen as an equivalent to Methe.
Old One in fiction In "Bloodborne" (2015) by FromSoftware and SCE Japan Studio, the game references celestial beings known as "Great Old Ones". One in particular, Ebrietas, is known as "The Daughter of the Cosmos".