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Nuri Demirağ In 1945 he founded the first opposition party, which was named "Milli Kalkınma Partisi" (National Development Party), but his party failed to receive the required amount of votes for entering the Turkish Parliament in the 1946 and 1950 general elections, and was eventually dissolved in 1958, a year after his death. In 1954, he was elected as a member of parliament for Sivas on behalf of the Democratic Party, which won the general elections.
Kartal Demirağ Kartal Demirağ is a Turkish assassin who tried to assassinate then Turkish Prime Minister Turgut Özal on June 18, 1988. Özal was wounded by one bullet but suffered no serious injuries. Demirağ was captured and sentenced to life imprisonment. After Özal became President of Turkey, Demirağ was released on parole after serving 4 years. In late 2008, after Demirağ had broken his parole, he was retried before Ankara's 1st High Criminal Court and reconvicted of the attempted murder. He was sentenced to 20 years in prison.
Nuri Demirağ Nuri Demirağ (born 1886 in Divriği – died 1957 in Istanbul) was an early Turkish industrialist and railroad magnate. He was one of the first millionaires of the Turkish Republic.
Nuri Demirağ In 1936 he established an aircraft factory employing 500 people in Beşiktaş, Istanbul (later nationalized by the government and now occupied by the Istanbul Naval Museum). The production of the Nu D.36 two-seat trainer biplane, and Nu D.38 twin-engine high-wing light transport plane took place in this factory.
Nuri Demirağ Demirağ donated his airplanes to his flying school ("Gök Okulu") in Yeşilköy, which he established for attracting the interest of young Turks in aviation. The land upon which the school was built was later nationalized by the Turkish government in order to enlarge the neighbouring Yeşilköy Airport (Atatürk International Airport) which was originally established as a military air base of the Ottoman Air Force in 1911.
Turgut Demirağ Turgut Demirağ (13 December 1921 – 14 January 1987) was a Turkish film producer, director and screenwriter. He directed 16 films between 1947 and 1973. His 1964 film "Love and Grudge" was entered into the 4th Moscow International Film Festival.
Nuri Demirağ Nu D.38 The Nu.D.38 was powered by two 160 hp (120 kW) Bramo Sh 14-A4 radial engines, mounted to the main wing spar on steel frames. It had a fixed, conventional undercarriage. A main shock absorber leg was attached to each of the steel engine frames, braced rearwards by a short auxiliary strut. Legs and wheels were enclosed in fairings.
Nuri Demirağ Nu D.38 The fuselage of the Nu.D.38 was an oval cross-section aluminium alloy monocoque, with stressed skin over frames and longitudinal stringers. The crew sat side by side at dual controls in a cabin with side access doors. The passenger compartment seated four, each with their own window, and was accessed through a starboard side door. There was a compartment for luggage or mail in the nose.
Nuri Demirağ Nu D.36 The Nu D.36 is an unequal-span single-bay staggered biplane with a fixed conventional landing gear with a tailskid. It was powered by a Walter Gemma I nine-cylinder radial engine. It had two open tandem cockpits for the pilot and trainee.
Nuri Demirağ Nu D.36 The Nuri Demirağ Nu D.36 was a 1930s Turkish two-seat training biplane built by the Nuri Demirağ Aircraft Works in Istanbul for the Turkish military.