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Ralph J. Cordiner He was on the cover of "Time Magazine" on January 12, 1959. He was the recipient of the first Gold Medal Award of the Economic Club of New York.
Ralph J. Cordiner He was born in 1900 on a 1280-acre wheat farm in Walla Walla, Washington. He attended Whitman College, working odd jobs and selling washing machines, and graduated in 1922 with a Bachelor of Science in Economics.
Ralph J. Cordiner He served as chairman of the Defense Advisory Committee on Professional and Technical Compensation in the Armed Forces. He also served as chairman of The Business Council from 1960 to 1961.
GE-200 series The series was designed by a team led by Homer R. “Barney” Oldfield, and which included Arnold Spielberg (father of film director Steven Spielberg). GE chairman Ralph J. Cordiner had forbidden GE from entering the general purpose computer business, rejecting several proposals by Oldfield by simply writing "No" across them and sending them back. Oldfield, somewhat deceptively, claimed that the GE-200 series would be industrial control computers. By the time Cordiner found out otherwise, it was too late and the machine was in production (Cordiner fired Oldfield at the product rollout). Even though the machine was selling well, Cordiner ordered that GE leave the computer business within 18 months (it actually took several years).
New Leeds On the slopes of Mormond Hill above the village is the White Stag of Mormond, a hill figure marked with quartz stones, first laid out by Mr F. W. Cordiner of Cortes to mark his wedding in 1870.
Abbeygreen Church Mr Walker was followed by the Rev. T.F. Neill. Mr Neill was ordained on 25 January 1940. Late in 1940, Mr Morton, the minister of the neighbouring Cordiner Church became seriously ill. The Cordiner Church was founded as the Lesmahagow Relief Church in 1837 and took its name from its second minister, the Rev. Robert Cordiner, who served it from 1846 until 1897. Abbeygreen and the Cordiner Church had long enjoyed a mutually supportive relationship and so the members of the Cordiner church were invited to temporarily join with Abbeygreen in worship. In June 1941 members of the Cordiner met with the congregation of Abbeygreen to discuss union of the two churches and in July 1941, the two churches united. The sessions united and a congregational board was formed, with the last meeting of the old Deacons Court of Abbeygreen taking place on the first of July 1941. This action represents the creation of the present day constitution of Abbeygreen, Church of Scotland, being led through elected members of the Congregational Board and ordained elders forming the Kirk Session. Mr Neill served the church until 1953 when he was called to Cranhill in Glasgow. On 6 April 1954, the Rev. Robert B.W. Walker MB, ChB was inducted as minister of Abbeygreen. Dr Walker continued in the ministry until ill health forced him to demit his charge at the end of October 1981. Following a long vacancy, a probationer minister, the Rev. David S. Carmichael, was ordained and inducted on 2 September 1982, and has since continued to faithfully serve the Lord and His people.
Anthony F. Hill Hill has recently published several papers concerning the nature of carbo-borane and ruthenium-borane interactions. Most recently, Caldwell and Cordiner collaborated with Hill on a paper entitled "Phosphino and phosphonito carbyne complexes"
Peter Mazell Mazell's engravings are of paintings by many artists including Charles Cordiner; Moses Griffiths; John Webber; Rowland Omer; Philip Thicknesse; the natural history artist Desmoulins; Samuel Rawle; Richard Holland; William Miller; Jonathan Fisher; Thomas Snagg; James "Athenian" Stuart; Christian Georg Schütz; Paul Sandby; John Watts; the equestrian painter George Stubbs.
Cortes, Aberdeenshire To the south lies Mormond Hill, on the slopes of which a hill figure known as the White Stag of Mormond, marked with quartz stones, was first laid out by Mr F. W. Cordiner of Cortes to mark his wedding in 1870.
St. Peter's Church, Colombo The first chaplain was the Rev. James Cordiner, who arrived in Colombo in 1799 and left in 1804. He was succeeded by the Rev. Thomas James Twisleton followed by Rev. George Bisset, Ven. J. M. S. Glenie, and then Rev. Benjamin Bailey. The first Bishop of Colombo, Dr. James Chapman, was enthroned at St. Peter's on 7 November 1845.