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astillero    0.841903

naviera    0.808968

compania    0.794194

estaleiros    0.768201

constructora    0.767478

corbeta    0.760379

pasajes    0.758366

buque    0.755055

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Reales Astilleros de Esteiro The Real Astillero de Esteiro was a royal shipyard in Ferrol in Spain. Orders for its construction were issued by Ferdinand VI of Spain on 9 April 1749, following the decision by the naval minister Zenón de Somodevilla to build new naval fortifications and installations in Ferrol and its surrounding area. Initial construction was managed by Cosme Álvarez, Comandante General of the Department. It was sited on the northwest slope of the monte Esteiro near Ferrol. It was initially planned to have four levels, but by the end this rose to twelve, proportional to the mountain's slope. Barracks, workshops and warehouses were also built.
Incat Crowther Arpoador Engenharia, Astilleros Armon, ETP Engenharia Ltda., Incat, PT Caputra Mitra Sejati Shipyard, Veecraft Marine
Simón Bolívar (barque) From 2002 until 2008 she was in refit at Diques y Astilleros Nacionales Compañía Anónima state shipyard in Puerto Cabello.
Province of Cádiz Its once-important shipbuilding industry (Astilleros) is now in crisis due to competition from South Korea and China.
Navantia Astilleros Españoles SA had been created in 1967 by merging the Basque shipyards of Euskalduna, La Naval de Sestao and Astilleros de Cádiz. In July 2000 it merged with the public naval shipyards, Empresa Nacional Bazán, to form IZAR. In March 2005 Sociedad Estatal de Participaciones Industriales (SEPI) fusioned the naval wing of IZAR into Navantia.
MS Stena Germanica (2001) "Stena Germanica" was built by Astilleros Españoles shipyard in Puerto Real, Spain. She entered service between Harwich and Hook of Holland on 9 March 2001 as "Stena Hollandica".
List of shipyards in Chile ASMAR or Astilleros y Maestranzas de la Armada is a Chilean state-owned shipyard service dealing both with military and civilian vessels.
MS Clipper Point MS "Clipper Point" is owned and operated by Seatruck Ferries. Built by Spanish shipyard Astilleros de Huelva, "Clipper Point" entered service on 21 March 2008.
ARA Rosales (P-42) "Rosales" was constructed at the Río Santiago Shipyard of the Astilleros y Fábricas Navales del Estado (State Shipyards and Naval Factories) state corporation.
DIANCA DIANCA or Diques y Astilleros Nacionales Compañía Anónima is the state shipyard of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. It was created in 1905 in the city of Puerto Cabello, Carabobo state.